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I purchased a new blue rhino grill, and a with that grill it came with a $10 off propane tank purchase. I purchased the blue rhino propane tank, sent in as instructed on the rebate form: the rebate form, the receipt for the propane tank, and the proof of purchase of the grill, along the receipt.

Now the contact center is telling me that the claim in invalid and taking up to 6 days to respond, if at all. They are clearly trying to avoid full filling their rebate obligations. I have given them all of the documentation that is required, as well as the original hard copies which they now claim they do not have anymore.

Even though they clearly got the envelope in the first place as to give me a ticket number. I will be contacting the BBB and reporting their activity.

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A little piece on the box it came in says proof of purchase. That is cut out and sent with the receipt. Did you cut that out or did you presume that the receipt was enough?


what is the original prof of purchase from the package


I thought it was strange that there was no expiration date on the offer. It simply said "Limited Time Offer." I'll throw it in the trash now, and consider is a "non-offer." Thanks for the heads up.

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